What is Zen Arabia about ?

Zen Arabia is about spirituality and being in harmony with nature

Zen Arabia is about spirituality and being in harmony with nature

Waw waw…Here I go for my first post in my blog. Hope this will be a blessed experience towards a spiritual journey of discovery.
The purpose of creating this blog is to help in spreading awareness about our life at all levels: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.
As it was said, we are all Spiritual beings having a Human experience. In other words, we are more into non physical existence than we think.
We’ve been taught since school times to focus more on our mental and logical skills to perform our duties and follow up with our day-to-day life, but rarely we’ve seen cases encouraging individuals to go beyond their mind abilities in order to find solutions, inspirations, thoughts, relief, success and happiness.
Based on this spirit, I will be sharing with my readers many of the searches, articles, thoughts, quotes, recommendations, inspirational stories and links I will come across that can help us to live a more balanced life. All those will be displayed through different posts and categories that are going to be created soon.

I would like to emphasize that as I am an Arabic lady with an oriental background and culture, the content of the blog will be reflected from a Middle Eastern point of view.

Hope this blog will be able to stand as a good holistic source. Promise to do my best Inshallah!!!

I will leave you with some words of Eckhart Tolle:

The world can only change from within”.

Bye for now, See you soon ……

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