Soraya ChiahMy name is Soraya Chiah. I am half Lebanese half Brazilian. Living in Dubai since 2004.
This blog is an opportunity to share  some of my ideas, thoughts & life experience as an Arabic speaker and lover of Arab Culture with passions on Zen Life style.
This blog is all around  topics on Spirituality, Music & Songs that inspire especially Arabic Music, Self Growth, kind of Soft Meditation, Organic and Healthy Nutrition, and other related issues.

When it comes to meditation, I do prefer” Moving Meditation”, which is called Qi Gong. I do practice it along with Lian Gong, which is an other form of relaxing workout. Sweating does not make me happy ! Here is a link on my Facebook that shows me  practicing Lian Gong at the famous Burj Al Arab Beach in Dubai, place where I live.

I enjoy family life. Have a son, Farah, ( 22 years old) to whom I dedicate my time and attention.
I love cooking ( when I have time of course),  I am an addicted readers, wherever I do I carry something to be read. Topics vary from romance, history, literature, economy, self development, health, nutrition , meditation , many into spirituality category.

I am also into  Internet Marketing.  Topics like Social Media, Blogging, SEO, Google etc make part of my days.

Do my living by operating Tours and Travels to  Dubai and the whole country United Arab Emirates( as own business), I work especially with Brazilian Travel Market.

Some valuable information on those fields will be shared by posting articles of some experts and linking to site and channels that add something on Zen Life style. .
I will be glad to hear opinions and comments .

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