You Tube Video on the purpose of Zen Arabia ( Arabic)

In this video I explain a little bit about some areas I will be covering in

It will be all about things related to acquire a more balanced & peaceful life. Which can be achieved once we have a healthy body and a focused mind , through a journey of  cultivating  our deep and inner spiritual sources . Health and Spirituality are intensely connected.

Only through a learning process we can get to the required level of a Zen Life. In fact, it a kind of education and a whole world of information that we need to cultivate.

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5 Responses to You Tube Video on the purpose of Zen Arabia ( Arabic)

  1. sari mashal says:

    Keep up the good work.
    By sharing thoughts we may learn from each other….

    check out my where I put the links to whats related to me , or some of it at least….

    my latest work from ch 15,

  2. Najam says:

    Well done! Soraya…

  3. Ramzi says:

    Hello Soraya and Everyone,

    Really it’s nice introduction and presentation.

    As you said at the end of the video, the important thing that we benefit from each other experiences, feed-backs, and comments.

    I wish you all the success in your project, since it began as in idea and now it’s becoming true what you were planning to do.

    I will be waiting more videos from you and Inshaa Allah Bittawfik.

    • soraya says:

      Shukran ktir Ramzi. Inshallah we will be sharing more ideas & experiences through the internet. I am also keen to know more about your online projects.

  4. Charbel says:

    Great. Courage…

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